About us

Kingdom Minstrels is a ministry set up by the Holyghost to liberate the kingdom of God here on earth. It is an instrument by which God invades the earth through spiritual sounds and songs…

Kingdom Minstrels are God’s system of expressing His presence and power in a territory through musical sounds.

Kingdom Minstrels are prophetic worshippers and intercessors.

Their mission is to bring men into intimacy with Jesus and to set men on fire for God through sounds.

Their vision is to solve the solution of the world and bring revival to the earth through the musical sounds.

Kingdom minstrels is in different Territory in Nigeria like Yaba Tech, EKSU, Unilorin, Ibadan, Tasued.

They host a monthly worship/prayer meeting in every of this territories monthly as a sign of rasing incense to heaven, for the kingdom of God to find expression here on earth.


Meet Daniel Saint,Founder of kingdom Minstrels.
Daniel Saint is a passionate and hungry lover of God. Whose earnest pursuit is to set men hungry and on fire for God .Stay tuned as we bring more biography about the founder of Kingdom Minstrels